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It is our hope that, in creating a comprehensive, flexible Amputee Patient Care Program, we can adapt to the dynamic needs of our patients and help them achieve the maximum functional and social outcomes possible. Consistent with research by Dolan and Ender (2008), the stronger the relationship and marital communication, the lower the stress for military couples. The Author Robert K. Wright, Jr., received a B.A. Sudan’s constitution would be amended to include new articles to specifically outline the partnership between civilians and the military in the transitional government. This is where the researchers’ project started-with the idea that different people will have different reactions to any given game element. EndSARS Crackdown,” Human Rights Watch said: “The prospects for accountability remain inconclusive and bleak. Methods: An Army database of all hospital admissions for active duty Army personnel in the 1989-1994 period was used to study injuries resulting from sports and Army physical training.