The Fuck Me Silly is BAD ASS…did we mention that currently??

The Fuck Me Silly is BAD ASS…did we mention that currently??

EXCLUSIVE REVIEW Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator

Thus I bought the Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Personally Silly Mega Masturbator. That’s a mouthful to say, isn’t it?

I’ve been dying to review this wicked awesome doll for over a 12 months. We never really had the balls to pull the trigger and purchase it, so far. Just north of $200 it’s pricey. But totally beneficial within my masturbatory opinion.

Disclaimer we purchased this with my personal cash. No sponsorship. No freebies. Simply my natural, unfiltered views.

If nothing else, they are the many considerations to find out about this model

The Fantaflesh “skin” feels very nice. Fantaflesh is Pipedream’s name for the product that covers this model. We can’t say that it’s real life, nonetheless it seems sexy and responds to slapping and spanking perfectly.

She’s a supreme wiggle and motion that is jiggle. See my home-brew video clip below. In reality it responds similarly to an 18 12 months old woman’s ass whenever you spank it! Ok last one.

It’s not t difficult to wash. The pussy and vagina holes are linked via one tube that is long. Sh t warm soapy water through one end also it operates out of the other. Not quite as effortless as being a Tenga or Fleshlight, but can be achieved within just five minutes.

The pussy and ass holes feel actually fucking awesome. The ideal level of tightness in my situation, and I’m an girth guy that is average. Would i love them tighter? Yes, but they’re significantly more than acceptable.

Put her for a sleep or dining table that’s the height that is proper. Grab her by the waistline. Pound away. It is really that simple.

She may not be entirely submerged in water. (more…)

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